Bournemouth Explorers Code of Conduct

Explorers have agreed to the following activities will not be done during explorer events:

  • No Smoking for under 16's those over 16 or a leader, should be discreet and away from the group.
  • No bullying (Examples: Cyber, Physical, Verbal, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic)
  • No participating in use or possession of illegal substances.
  • No sleeping accommodation will be shared by both male / female after set time.
  • No use of phones or electronic equipment to be used at meetings or camps.
  • No disruptive behaviour in meetings.
Explorers are asked to adhere to the following:

  • Arrive at meetings and events on time (usually 8pm til 10pm see program*)
  • Arrive in appropriate uniform (meeting nights top half uniform shirt, necker and woggle)
  • Attend church parades and without fail attend St Georges and Remembrance services
  • Clothing should be appropriate to the event, and be respectful to the image of Scouting. (No low cut tops, Shorts should be to mid thigh)
  • Attend camps by informing leadership team via OSM and prompt payment.
  • Subs to be paid on time and preferably by OSM failing that Standing Order
Explorers are asked to respect the following:

  • Explorers to respect others including leaders
  • Explorers to respect equipment
  • Explorers to listen when leaders are talking
  • Explorers are asked to arrive at events on time
  • Explorers are to engage with teams allocated
  • Explorers respect that not everyone wants to see Public Displays of Affection