Monkey Bridge


Two A Frames
Three Long lengths of Rope (Bottom, Top Left and Right)
Support ropes

Single Lock Bridge

Single Trestle Bridge

Draw Bridge


Suspension Bridge

Bournemouth Explorers have built two of these our initial practice one was done on Summer Camp 2009 which was similar size to this one. Our second attempt which spanned 25 meters was done on Pioneering Camp 2009.

Friction Bridge

Troop 185 Draw Bridge

Two Person Catapult

Troop 10 Catapult


Pfox Tower

Signal Tower

Brynbach Tower

Hourglass Signal Tower

Triangular Signal Tower

Ten Minute Tower

Stilt Tower

Troop 850 Gateway

Covered Gateway

Simple Gateway

Troop 16 Gateway Includes roof detail

Lifting Gateway

Swinging Gate

Gateway With Doorbell

Rotating Gate / Turnstile Gate

Basic 'Free Standing' Gateway

Covered Gateway With Swinging Gate

Two Door Gateway

"Weird Looking" Gateway

Easy 'Free Standing' Gateway

'In Ground' Gateway With Swinging Gate

Simple 'In Ground' Gateway

Seriously Large Covered Gateway

Fire Bucket Holders

Bear Bag


Bulletin Board

Lantern Holder

Tool Rack

Various Camp Tools

Kitchen Work Table

Garbage Bag Holder

Wash Basin

Wash Basin With Shelf

Hand Wash

Camp Table with Seats

Chippewa Cooking Fire Stand

Camp Table With Bench And Seat




Scaffold Hitch

Pioneering Anchors

Ladder Hitch

Troop Discipline

Kim's Gym

Ducking Stool

Cambridge Merry-Go-Round

Climbing Wall

Team Pulley

Swinging Derrick/Crane